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Bronze Driver Experience - 04 June 2018

Bronze Driver Experience -  04 June 2018
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Our bronze experience gives you the opportunity to have two complete round trips over the full length of our picturesque line with a steam engine on its own (i.e. without a train) working the engine between Sheringham and Holt. You will drive one trip and fire one trip spending 10 miles doing each. You will learn about the workings of the engine and the operation of our railway under the guidance of our fully qualified crew.

The bronze experience is offered on several dates throughout the year and starts late afternoon after our normal service trains have stopped running. We are able to accommodate 3 participants each day. You will receive a day travel pass which enables you to travel on the railway during the same day.

The session begins at Sheringham at around 17.00 finishing at around 21.00. Whilst participants are waiting for their turn some light refreshments will be provided. At the end of the session each participant is awarded a certificate as a souvenir of the day!
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